General terms of cooperation


Orders can be made:
- by fax
- electronically (mail or the internet)
- through our sales representative
- by phone
- via the terminal
- Web catalog


This is a new method for placing orders. It provides quick and easy access to our sales system. The terminal is intended for customers registered in the INTER PARTS database who have permanent internet access.

Customers who choose to have a terminal installed will be able to:
- check current warehouse stock levels,
- automatically reserve the given item,
- verify orders placed previously,
- review the current payment status,
- print out invoices,
- choose a shipping method.


WEB CATALOG for wholesale customers purchasing from Inter Parts is a well-known software designed to fulfill online orders.

The catalog is based on the offer of Inter Parts and TecDoc catalog database containing data of more than 100 000 vehicles and 4 million articles with technical descriptions, aliases, photographs, use of vehicles, installation instructions, etc. The implemented solution is currently the most popular program on the market for searching and ordering of automotive spare parts.

The web catalog is intended for wholesale customers registered in the Inter Parts sales system. To use the order system you have to register by contacting a sales representative of the export department or the computer science department.

Tomasz Wołosz
(IT specialist)
mobile: 662 010 745

The web catalog is available at:

or the mobile version www.minterparts.integra.com.pl


We do not impose limits from which we complete orders. However, in case of orders worth up to PLN 500, it is the buyer who bears the cost of shipping.


The prices provided in the price-list are subject to change at any time. Specific prices for our regular business partners are negotiated individually with our sales representatives.


INTER PARTS undertakes to complete orders as quickly as possible. In case of typical orders, the maximum estimated lead time is 48 hours. Non-standard orders are completed within an extended time-limit agreed by both parties. INTER PARTS reserves the right to further extend the lead time in case of circumstances beyond its control. If the lead time is extended, the buyer has no right to claim compensation for any losses incurred due to the untimely delivery.


Unless otherwise prearranged, shipping is provided by INTER PARTS, and the buyer accepts deliveries by a courier service with which INTER PARTS has signed a contract.


Any inconsistency should be notified in writing, by fax or email, within 48 hours from the receipt of the goods.


Payment terms are arranged individually with each customer by our sales representatives.


In case a payment deadline should be extended, the goods remain the property of INTER PARTS until the entire amount due for the item has been paid, even in case the goods have been installed or processed, whether separately or in conjunction with other goods which belong to the customer.


All complaints must be described in an official protocol and sent by post or fax directly to INTER PARTS as soon as the defect has been discovered. Each complaint will be examined within 14 days. The value of the complaint may at no time exceed the price paid for the item by the buyer. The customer has no right to withhold due payment for the item on account of the complaint. INTER PARTS has the right to reclaim the item subject to the complaint.


All goods delivered as part of a special order may not be returned. INTER PARTS reserves the right to settle accounts with the customer returning the goods within 14 days from receiving them at the main warehouse. After this time invoice corrections, duly confirmed, signed and returned to INTER PARTS documents may serve as the basis for any compensation or refund related to the returned goods. INTER PARTS has the right to refuse to accept the return without providing the reason. Returns of goods will not be accepted after 12 months from the date of the sale of the returned goods.


We hope for a fruitful cooperation.
INTER PARTS Commercial Departament